Are you Muzzleshot®?

We get a lot of confusion in the marketplace by the name change. Remember that our design is protected and patented so this is the original and one and only place to purchase our products besides dealers that are out there. Read about the name change here

Do you take returns?

We do, but we have rules on returns. We only take returns on defects. Buyer pays to ship it back. Once we inspect the item and determine if there is an actual defect, we will send a replacement or the same one back if there is nothing wrong with the original. We prefer to do this through email with photos since that usually clears up any questions and concerns. 

Custom Cases
When placing a order for a cut out SKB case for your Caliber Barware Item . Please be aware that we do large run orders as well so your one off case can take up to 4-6 weeks if we have a line of orders to get through. If you need a rush job, please specify this before we even take the order.

I placed an order and want to cancel it.

If it is within 24 hours we can cancel your order. Past that time frame this falls inline with our return policy (see above for link). We have a restocking fee of 30% after 24 hours of the order being placed.


Pre-orders are just that a 'pre-order' and we do not offer returns once placed. This goes to funding the production of the item and we manufacture in small batches, so everyone's name is on the product they pay for. Do not order if you are not willing to wait. Our ETA might say 3 months but if it goes out to 6 months there is still no return. We always ship, nothing never does not make it into production.

Is there warranty?

Of course there is. We offer lifetime warranty, as long as you followed instructions. Don't fuck it up and blame us. Warranty covers faults in material and or manufacturing. We cover shipping. We offer lifetime warranty unless you ignore the instructions to HAND WASH ONLY.

Where is my order?

We are not Amazon Prime. Some orders are assembled with great care and attention to detail when the order is placed. Please allow 4-6 weeks to pass before sending an email. Some orders will ship before this time, some orders take longer. Also check our blog or Facebook page for updates

Who makes your products?

We make everything in house and made in the USA.

Can I buy shot glasses if I am outside of the US?

YES!  All place that we ship to are listed at check out in the shipping destination drop down selection.

Do you give a LE/Military Discount?

We do not offer any discounts. We believe in equal treatment across the board and our prices are already reasonable. Sign up for our newsletter for announcements on deals we run for everyone.

Dealer/Distributor pricing?

Yes. Please send us an email with your Business License for our catalog and dealer pricing. Minimum buy in is 2k to be a dealer and 500k for distributor. Exclusive distribution is gauged on a case by case basis only.

I call but get no response.
Email! We operate digitally. We do get told sometimes a reply never happens. We have gone over our spam settings many times and have made it as loose as possible so nothing goes into our junk mail. Please always send a few emails and even reach out on our Facebook page to get our attention. We always stay in touch with the customer.