About Us

Caliber Barware Muzzleshot 

All IP is protected - U.S. Patent D684820
Originally designed By Leitner-Wise®

We have grown out of just being a shot glass, so we no longer go by Muzzleshot® We worked hard on our rebranding and are now known as Caliber- Ballistic Barware. The name Muzzleshot® just did not work once we branched out of just making our well known patented shot glass, all of our drinking vessels are now based off a round! Having us able to grow and come up with more bad ass gun related barware items.

With the .50 BMG - Big Motherfucking Glass or some like to think of it as the Browning Machine Gun, out on the market we wanted to get the brand more on track with firearms and alcohol aficionados that hold a superb taste in good whiskey and Beer. 

 The 5.56 Shot Glass once known as Muzzleshot® and .308 Middy Rocks Glass are hardcoat anodized, aluminum ballistic barware styled after the A2 Flash Hider aka The Birdcage.  Get "tactical drunk" and have great conversations with one of our glasses, this iconic product line is always a killer conversation piece!

An instant classic from the day we introduced the birdcage designed shot glass to what it has become now, the Caliber Ballistic Barware™.