Deep Ellum Brewing’s Seasonal ‘Wealth and Taste’

Deep Ellum may have been known as an area of Dallas that was a little rough around its edges and a place that may have been a little too far off of the beaten path, but with a renaissance in the neighborhood that has brought about great hand spun noodle shops, tasting tables, gyms, and of course, breweries, this area is now a great hot spot to score a great craft beer.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Mick Jagger once sang “I’m a man of wealth and taste,” in the Rolling Stones’ 1968 classic tune, Sympathy for the Devil. To Jagger, Deep Ellum Brewing Company says ‘pleased to meet you,’ as they release their 9.5% ABV seasonal release called Wealth and Taste. The monster, barrel-aged Belgian Strong Ale is brewed with Muscat Grape Juice, grapefruit peel, rose hips and chamomile flowers. As if that monstrous mix of ingredients wasn’t enough to have you strutting and dancing, grooving and moving, it is then partially aged in Missouri White Oak barrels that had previously been the home to Napa Chardonnay for seven to eight years.

50BMG Pint Glass

Keep in mind, with dog days of summer beginning to beat down on us, it must be noted that this whopper of a beer is not for the faint of heart. The lightly-hopped, high octane beer is sure to rock you, roll you, and take you for a complex ride. If you’re looking for a light, crisp, easy-drinking beer that can be used to toss ping-pong balls into, then take a hike…this beer is not for you. This is a beer that demands respect…Sip it, guzzle it, examine it, and do whatever you would like with this beer, but take a moment to enjoy the depth within this brew and admire it before it takes you on a spin around the room. At the end of this beer, you’ll be singing ‘pleased to meet you…I hope you guessed my name.’ For a first taste of the sucker, Deep Ellum Brewing company is launching this new seasonal at The Common Table.

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