Deep Ellum Brewing’s Seasonal ‘Wealth and Taste’

July 28, 2016

Deep Ellum may have been known as an area of Dallas that was a little rough around its edges and a place that may have been a little too far off of the beaten path, but with a renaissance in the neighborhood that has brought about great hand spun noodle shops, tasting tables, gyms, and of course, breweries, this area is now a great hot spot to score a great craft beer. Mick Jagger once sang “I’m a man of wealth and taste,” in the Rolling Stones’ 1968 classic tune, Sympathy for the Devil. To Jagger, Deep Ellum Brewing Company says ‘pleased to meet you,’ as they release their 9.5% ABV seasonal release called Wealth and Taste. The monster, barrel-aged...

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Stash Away the Stouts and Hand Me a Refreshing Brew

July 18, 2016

Here we go! Summer has dropped on us like a Hulk Hogan leg drop directly to the throat. Triple digits are quickly approaching and my throat is already becoming itchy and begging for something to quench this dust mouth that seems to be filling my gob. Winter was nice and all, having consumed my fair share of double-digit ABV stouts, porters and monster IPA’s, but like Bob Dylan said, “The time they are a changing.”  It’s time to stash those huge Russian Imperial Stouts in the back of the closet for a few months where they will age nicely and be perfect for the cooler fall and winter months. Don’t worry about them going bad. In case you’ve been living under...

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